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Isar Lat The skyscraper of Jaipur

Towers have been used by mankind since prehistoric times and we can find the traces of tower since 8000 B.C. In every civilization the tower or skyscraper was used for symbolize some events. Across the world in different reign you can find these emblems like Statue of liberty, Eiffel tower and Vijaya Stambha and many more. These monuments sing their own stories of heritage, culture and architecture of their era.

Jaipur a city built in 1727 AD emerge its name as city of heritage for its magnificent monuments and for its timeless architecture. IsarLat is also known as the skyscraper of Jaipur.

History of IsarLat or Sargasuli

Isar Lat was built by Sawai Ishwari Singh in 1749 AD. In the local language it is known more by the name of ‘sargasuli’ due to heaven piercing tower. Isar lat is located near the tripoliya gate of city palace. Appearing in ‘Tripoliya bazar’ this tower is not actually made in tripoliya but it is made up of Aathish market shops located behind it.

Saragasuli is a seven storey ocatagonal 60 feet high grand minaret in Jaipur, which offers breathtaking 360 degree views of old city from its top storey.

Why Isar Lat was built?

After the demise of Sawai Jai Singh in 1743 AD the eldest son Iswari singh heir the Jaipur throne but his step brother Madho singh also wanted to be the king of Jaipur. In 1744 AD Madho Singh attacked Jaipur with the help of his uncle king of Udaipur, Durjan Sal Rao of kota and Umed Singh King of bundi. But Iswari Singh’s Prime Minister Rajamal khatri and the Rao of Dhula gave them a fighting reply and came out victories in war and oppose Madho Singh in attempt to take over throne.

But in 1748 AD Madho Singh again attacked jaipur along with the combined army of king of Udaipur, Marathas, Jodhpur, kota, bundi and shahpura. A vicious battle was fought about 20 miles from Jaipur at Bagru.

Ishwari Singh army was lead by General Hargobind Natani this time also Ishwari singh won the battle. And in 1749 Sawai Ishwari Singh built Isarlat a seven storey tower because he wanted to celebrate a grand victory over the collective armies of 7 states who supported the claim of Madho Singh.

Architecture of IsarLat Tower

isarlat tower jaipur night view
isarlat tower jaipur night view

This seven-storey octagonal tower is visible from Tripoliya gate located in Parakota area was built in 1749 AD by King Ishwar Singh with the map of a royal courtier craftsman Ganesh Khawan. After entering in the small entrance to ‘Isarlat’, the narrow rounded stairs progress towards rising upward, respectively. There is a door on every floor of the pillar, which opens in the balcony of the tower. The architecture of this building built in seven segments is a combination of Rajputs and Mughal-Vastu-genres. In Mughal style, this architecture, similar to those of the four corners of the mosques, has a circular umbrella on the head. In ‘Pink City’ Jaipur the color of tower is ‘yellow’. For many decades, the entry of the public was forbidden in tower but now it has been opened for the common audience and tourists, because from there you can see a breath taking 360 degrees panoramic view of the entire Jaipur from the roof top.

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